Denver, CO — Games are never over until there is no more time left on the clock. The New England Patriots coaching staff believed that they had the game covered when they recovered an onside kick from the Denver Broncos. The Patriots were leading 31-28 with 1:18 left in the clock until the Bronco’s defense made a play yet again!

We all know Tom Brady. He wants to make a play for his team. However, Brady wasn’t available for the remainder of the game as the Broncos harassed back up QB, Brian Hoyer, and stripped him of the football. Broncos CB Bradley Roby recovered the fumble and marched down the open grass for a Denver Broncos’ defensive touchdown. The Broncos crowd erupted as their team took the 35-31 lead.

Every Patriot fan would hope that Brady would be available to lead them to another miraculous comeback, however he wasn’t cleared by the medical staff for a return. It was presumably up to Hoyer, until a miracle happened for the Patriots on special teams with 51 seconds left. Nobody thought it would be on special teams, but maybe kick returner Phillip Dorsett. Dorsett received the ball on the right hash, and made his way downfield. The first potential tackle was dodged at the 25 yard line, followed by jukes and spin moves against a group of defenders at the 30 yard. Dorsett was then untouched as he sprinted his way towards the end-zone for a 38-35 lead.

The Broncos then had a chance to redeem a miracle with 37 seconds left, but failed as QB Trevor Siemian could not answer the Patriots’ touchdown.

The Patriots are now 8-1 and will face the red hot 7-2 Oakland Raiders next week. On the other side of the field, the Broncos will be having nightmares about this one as their record falls to 2-7. They’ll remain at home next week to take on the Cincinnati Bengals.

Season 10 – Week 10: New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos