Cam Newton takes it to the house!!!

Charlotte, N.C- After an amazing season where we saw our Carolina Panthers hoist the Lombardi trophy after a tough fought game against the Oakland Raiders. We can’t help but wonder will this team suffer a Superbowl hangover? Did this win satisfy there hunger enough or will they be able to keep it business as usual and go out there with the same attitude every week. If week 1 preseason is any indication of how this upcoming season will look, then we have our answer.

We had a patented 50+ yard Cam Newton qb run for a td, and this first team offense and defense looked like they are not suffering from a Superbowl hangover.  “We just came out there and kind of wanted to show the world that you know, we aren’t satisfied with just one trophy, we want to build something that can last a long time.” said Cam after there victory. Only time will tell if the extra games last year will come back to haunt them this season, but from what we can see it’s looking like they have a promising future ahead of themselves. With Benjamin and Brown coming into there own and becoming complete receivers, I look for this offense to pick up right where it left off from, if Stewart can stay healthy i predict 1200 yards rushing as well as 10+tds. If we can take anything away from this game is that i have a feeling that with Stewart back in the lineup they will look to use the option play more and look for Cam to have a great year on the ground as well as through the air again. If he can finally find that balance he can truly be unstoppable. Week 1 can’t come soon enough!!!!