Former Raiders coach and Bengals OC last season, Hue Jackson is the new Saints coach following the departure of Jason San Juan.

It’s not very unusual to see coaching changes happen in around week 14-17, but it is not common that you see a high profile coaching change go down during week THREE of the PRESESON. But this past week we saw just that when the Saints released former Eagles Head Coach Jason San Juan and acquired the coaching services of former Bengals OC Hue Jackson. The details of San Juan’s release have yet to have been revealed but from what we have heard through various sources around the league it is believed that San Juan requested his release from the team citing family issues. However speculation adds that San Juan did this because he wanted to return to coaching at the college level. Whatever the reason is the Saints granted San Juan his request and began working to find a new head coach, and it didn’t take them long to find a proper suitor.

Former head coach of the Oakland Raiders, Hue Jackson received a phone call late Wednesday night and received an offer he couldn’t refuse. Hue Jackson was offered the opportunity to coach one of the best teams in the NFL a job no intelligent man would refuse. This of course meant that Jackson would have to leave his new found home in Cincinnati, a place were Jackson coached rookie RB Giovanni Bernard into a full-fledged NFL running back in his first NFL season. Now on his way to New Orleans Jackson will have a pair of young talented RBs that he will attempt to mold into true NFL rbs. During a press conference this afternoon Jackson cited the solid play from former first round pick Mark Ingram as one of the things he’s excited about going into the season.

However, Jackson’s focus won’t remain primarily on the running game, with a hall of fame quarterback on his roster Hue won’t have to rely on the run as much as he’s had to in the past. So whether Hue Jackson is running the ball down opponents throats or throwing the deep ball all day, it’s not a question of if the Saints will be good this season, it’s more of a question of how good will they be this season?