Salem, OR —  This year’s Madden team seems to be saying and trying to right the wrongs of the past few Maddens, whether they succeed or not is yet to be seen. But, from what we have seen so far there’s a little bit, a tiny grain of salt size hope.

In the video below YouTuber Eric Ray Weather breaks down passing and defense, two major areas of focus in Madden 23.

Hit Everything

Redefining defensive pursuit, new Hit Everything mechanics let you be more disruptive on defense. New animation branching technology in Madden NFL 23 enables next-gen Hit-Stick physics so you can perform mid-air knockouts, hit the pile to assist in tackles already in progress, blow up blocks, and force turnovers with stand-up tackles.

Skill-Based Passing

Lead your receivers open, drop back-shoulder throws into tight windows, and place every pass where only your receiver can catch it with surgical accuracy thanks to this all-new way to pass. Skill-based passing introduces a new accuracy reticle and passing meter.