Prior to Season 11’s 2K Online Franchise Draft, the Oakland Raiders decided to move up in the draft. The Raiders traded their First Round 31st overall pick and special teams specialist Antonio Hamilton to the Minnesota Vikings for their First Round 19th overall pick. With that pick the Raiders selected superstar free safety from the University of Miami, LaJarvis Swilling.

LaJarvis, at the age of 22 years old, holds a 6’2” 211 lbs frame. He impressed scouts during the draft and was projected to go in the middle of the draft. “We saw the talent early on even before the draft.” Says coach of the Year, Max Farias. “Our great scout department followed him the moment his highlights were being reported. We secretly looked at him from afar and his athleticism blew us away. We knew that he would be gone quick so we had to make a decision and we did. We moved up to get him. He’s a stud!”

For LaJarvis, his attributes display his raw athleticism and offers the Raider fans insight as to why he was selected. For a free safety, he has a speed rating of 87 and an acceleration rating of 94. He has a hit power rating of 90 to go along with his 80 tackle, 75 pursuit, and 72 play recognition. This young man is pro football ready. The only set back is that he may be vulnerable to injuries. He doesn’t have a track record but he has been bothered by minor injuries throughout his collegiate career.

With their second round pick, the Raiders selected outside linebacker Parker Chick from Northwestern. With their third rounder, they selected left guard Will Bojicic from Northern Iowa. Christian Stone from Connecticut was selected in the fourth round. Right guard from Michigan State, Marvin Bennett was selected in the sixth round along with Ross Ransom, a half-back from Illinois State. With their final pick in the seventh round, the Raiders selected outside linebacker Marquis Hunt from Northern Illinois.

Linebackers Chick and Hunt have the ability to play both outside linebacker and defensive end so their versatility will be come in handy with what the Raiders plan to do during this upcoming season.

Linemen Bojicic and Bennett saw lots of action during the preseason, which was to see if either could step up and possibly join the Raiders massive offensive line which hosts the talents of Kelechi Osemele, Gabe Jackson, Rodney Hudson and surprise standout from last season David Sharpe.

Half-back Ross Ransom will have plenty of competition with a heavy backfield that contains the likes of Marshawn Lynch; newly acquired speed demon Jamaal Charles and seasoned vets Jalen Richard, DeAndre Washington, Bralon Addison and De’Anthony Thomas.