Salem, OR — Over the past two days we have been covering the latest news about Madden 23 and while we hope that the game delivers a decent experience compared to what we got the last two years, we’re not holding our breath.

Thankfully, there are other options that make playing a football game fun again. One of those options is Legend Bowl, a single-player football video game created by King Javo.

Legend Bowl appears to be a throwback to 16-bit arcade-style football games, featuring super-cute pixel imagery and animation, as well as a lively chiptune soundtrack. Legend Bowl, however, has a lot more to offer than just arcade action. Underneath all those Hail Mary passes and crispy tackles is a true modern football simulation.

First, there’s a ton of customization. Your players’ looks, their gear, names, uniforms, and even things like earrings and gloves can be customized. You can even customize your coaching staff. There are exhibition and full season modes, but also tournaments and even a training camp to drill your teams and practice your plays. There’s also weather like rain, snow, and fog, and a dynamic lighting system that gives the games some real atmosphere. There’s some amazing attention to detail in Legend Bowl—the pixelated refs will even place the ball after each play and the chain crew will come out to measure close first downs.

Although the controls appear to be simple, they are actually rather sophisticated. Straight forward hits, diving tackles, and a shoulder tackle if you want to try to knock the ball free are all examples of tackles. You can hurdle diving opponents and stiff-arm defenders while rushing with the ball (and even pick which arm to use). The more you play, the more you’ll discover the various possibilities the controllers have. If you enjoy games that are simple to learn yet difficult to master, this is the game for you.

For a full in-depth review check out the video below from SoftDrinkTV. His review features all the latest updates, including the much-anticipated Franchise mode where players have the ability to manage rosters, with a focus on team chemistry and player personalities that have an influence on team health and morale.

As noted in the video above, there is an NFL mod that updates all team uniforms, logos, and rosters.