Falcons coach suspended one game by leagueSalem, OR — Following the win versus the New Orleans Saints this past week, the Atlanta Falcons were under investigation following a clear violation of league rules. During the game the Falcons on multiple occasions played a style that is not condoned by the league. The Falcons punted on 1st down with a minute nineteen left in the 3rd then on a 2nd and 9 with one minute and four second the Falcons punted again.

The league looked into the matter after complains from the Saints came in. The league has clearly stated in the rules to play with class and as a simulation style league, plays like that will not be tolerated. Therefore, the Falcons head coach has been given a one week suspension and is on notice that any further violations at anytime during his tenure with the league will result in immediate removal from the league without notice.

This isn’t the first time a head coach for the Falcons has been in trouble with the league. Back on September 13, 2014 the head coach back then, Matt Tafesse, was suspended for not broadcasting the Falcons vs Bengals game. He was eventually removed from the league after a third violation.

Violation number one


Violation number two