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The league has just announced it has removed Atlanta Falcons head coach Matt Tafesse for new violations of league rules and multiple complains from other head coaches.

Official statement from the league commissioner –

After speaking with all the league board members and looking at the past history of violations, Atlanta Falcons head coach Matt Tafesse shall be removed from the league immediately and is banned for life. The league does not enjoy removing anyone from their head coaching position, but will do so when an individual’s game plan and game play begin to have a negative effect on the league and our brand.

As for the remainder of the season, the Atlanta Falcons will have Mike Smith as interm head coach.

Matt Tafesse leaves the league with a career record of 15-5, he made the playoffs in his first season as head coach. His team lost to the eventual 2K OLF Super Bowl IV champion Seattle Seahawks in the NFC championship.

In other news, the league has suspended San Diego Chargers head coach for violating league rules in the game last week against the Buffalo Bills. With 50 seconds remaining in the game, the Chargers picked up a first down. The Bills conceded defeat and elected to not use their final 2 time outs, as the clock kept counting down Chargers head coach elected to run three more plays and scored on the third.

Official statement –

There was no reason for the Chargers to score in those final seconds. It is clearly stated in the league rules to not pad stats and when the game is in hand simply take a knee. Therefore we have suspended the Chargers head coach for 1 week. He is eligible to return to all league activities following the next advance.