Check out the new and improved team profile pageSalem, OR — Good evening everyone and a happy Monday to you wherever you are! Today we are extremely happy to bring to you a big announcement. As many of you know we have been updating our site and adding new features since the start of the season. First we started with a new design of our homepage then we launched our free agents page, followed by a relaunch of our schedules page, our league leaders page and stats relaunch. So today, we are proudly bringing you a huge update – Team Profile pages for all 32 teams.

What makes the team profile pages different than before? For starters, they are 100% dynamic pages, meaning you’ll get update news and stats immediately following a league sync from the Madden NFL 18 app.

The team profile page also features new sections and information, first off let’s begin with the Team overview section. In this section you’ll get a lot of the important team information, like Overall Rating, Injury Count, team schemes for both offense and defense and you’ll also get an overview of where the team offense ranks in Points, Yards, Pass Yards and Rush Yards.

You also get Team Leaders for both offense and defense, a new draft picks section, and an injuries section detailing the length of the injury. The Schedule section also features the ability to click on each game result to get immediate access to the game’s stats.

Coming Soon

In the coming week we will also introduce new menu items to the team profile navigation where you will be able to see schedule details, team roster, depth chart and team financial information.

That’s going to do it for now, thanks for your continued support as we continue to make this league the best around.

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