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League officials have handed down a 2 week penalty to the Atlanta Falcons and their head coach Matt Tafesse. According to league officials the Falcons did not broadcast their week two game versus the Cincinnati Bengals, a game the Falcons won 35-7. Officials also pointed out that there was a violation of the 4th down rule during the game.

This isn’t the first time the Falcons and their head coach have found themselves in hot water, last season you may recall the  league took action against the Falcons for violating free agency rules.

Official statement from the league:

The Atlanta Falcons and their head coach have been suspended for two weeks from all free agency and trades activities. As outlined in the league rules all games must be broadcast,  teams may not go for a 4th down try when leading, specially in a game they are winning 35-7. Also, after reviewing their week one game against the Saints. with the game in hand and only 11 seconds left in the game they ran a play to try and score.

The league does not and will not stand for any unsportsmanlike conduct, and will penalize those individuals who do not follow the rules the league has set in place.

We reached out to coach Tafesse for comment, but have not heard back from him. We’ll have more for you in the event of any other developments.