2K Online Franchise
2K Online Franchise

Salem, OR — Two weeks after the Baltimore Ravens were fined by the league the league has announced two more teams have been warned for violating league rules.

In their week 12 game against the Atlanta Falcons, the Minnesota Vikings were leading the game 23-10 with 1:07. All they needed to do was kneel down and chew time off the clock to end the game, but instead decided to run up the score  by handing it off to Adrian Peterson.

The Kansas City Chiefs were also given a warning for their violation in week 11 against the San Diego Chargers.  Up 31-14, the Chargers had 3 time outs but elected to not use them as the game was out of reach. The Chiefs however,  did not kneel down and instead decided to run additional plays.

Do not try and score if you have locked up the win. Anyone who tries to score when all they need to do is kneel down to run out the clock will be given a warning. This includes games vs the CPU.