2K Online Franchise Breaking News

2K OLF Headquarters , OR — League has handed out a warning to Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh for breaking league rules. In week 10 against the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Ravens led the game 3-21 with 1:10 left in the game. Ravens decided to not kneel down and let time expire, instead opted to keep trying to score and as time expired, coach Harbaugh brought out his special teams and kicked a field goal.

In a statement by league officials today –

The league rules clearly state to play with class and “Do not try and score if you have locked up the win. Anyone who tries to score when all they need to do is kneel down to run out the clock will be given a warning. This includes games vs the CPU.” These rules were broken and as such we have decided to give coach Harbaugh a warning. If further incidents occur the result will be a one week suspension.

No comment from Harbaugh at this time.