East Rutherford, NJ — Just one year after selecting USC quarterback Sam Darnold, the New York Jets organization had seen enough.

Today, the Jets traded the young quarterback to their arch rival New England Patriots for a rising star in left tackle Isaiah Wynn. Included in the trade, moving from the Jets is also center Chandler Barton, and a Jets 2020 1st round pick.

“In Isaiah Wynn, we see a Joe Thomas type of player” said coach Davis. The price to acquire the tackle was high, but the Jets have shown all off season that they were willing to take risks in acquiring  players. Just this free agency period, the Jets were willing to make C.J. Mosley the highest paid LB in 2K Online Franchise history. However, the rebuilding Jets were caught in a bidding war against the Philadelphia Eagles that they eventually lost. “Maybe we will catch Carson Wentz in a year or two” coach Davis chuckled, eluding to Philadelphia possibly not being able to resign the reigning MVP.

Will giving away a future starter in a 1st rd pick be worth it? Only time will tell.