New season, new Giants.East Rutherford, NJ — The New York Giants have said all off-season that this season would be different, from the coaches to the players, that when the going gets tough they would take the failures of last season and apply it to overcome any adversity that comes their way. That adversity came early in their week 1 game against the Washington Redskins.

The Giants fell behind 24-7 in the first half of their season opener. The Redskins scored two touchdowns, one via a pass and one through the ground to take a fourteen to nothing lead, but thanks to a 77 yard touchdown catch by Odell Beckham Jr, the Giants cut the deficit to 7. Unfortunately, the Giants defense couldn’t do much against the Redskins offense and they allowed 10 more points before the half to give them a commanding 24-7 lead heading into the 3rd quarter.

Down by 17, last year’s Giants would have caved in and lost a game like this one. But, as coach Jarin put it in his pre-game warm ups “We’re a different team this season and we’re ready to show it.” Show it they did. The Giants first round pick in this years draft, Moses Wooton, got them back on the board on a  3 and 7 play just outside the red zone. The touchdown not only got the Giants back into the game, but it was Wooton’s first career touchdown.

Following the touchdown, the Redskins were able to move the ball to the Giants 38 yard line, where on a 4th and 1 elected to try a field goal. Redskins kicker Kai Forbath lined up for the 52 yard field goal and as he went to kick the football, Giants left end Jason Pierre-Paul timed his push off the line perfectly, he broke through the line and blocked the kick, which was then picked up by free safety Andrew Adams. Adams stumbled for a bit but managed to regain his balance as he took the block back 55 yards for a touchdown. Thanks to the special teams play, the Giants now trailed by just 3 points heading into the 4th quarter.

Giants block field goal try late in the 3rd quater

The Redskins didn’t let the blocked kick rattle them, which was evident by the 7 play 73 yard drive which led to a touchdown early in the 4th quarter and just like that the Redskins got their 10 point lead back to lead the Giants 31-21. They weren’t done yet, they then managed to keep the Giants from getting any points on the board on their next possession and to top it off, they then scored another 3 points to take a 34-21 lead with 4:01 remaining in the game.

The Giants began their next drive with a sense of urgency, going with a no huddle offense. That sense of urgency paid off quick as Wooton was left wide open on the 3rd play of the drive for a 59 yard catch and run touchdown. It took just 37 seconds off the board and the Giants got back to with in a touchdown.

The quick touchdown gave the Giants the momentum they needed. Their defense managed to stop the Redskins offense on their next possession, forcing them to punt the ball with just over 3 minutes remaining.

The Giants wasted no time again, this time they found the end zone following a deep pass from Eli Manning to Odell Beckham Jr. O.B.J. was on a mission as he dragged and broke free from Redskins corner back Josh Norman, for an 80 yard touchdown. It was Beckham’s first touchdown of the season and it came exactly when the Giants needed it. Following the extra point, the Giants took a 1 point lead with 2:11 left in the game. Plenty of time for Kirk Cousin and the Redskins to answer back.

Odell Beckham Jr scores an 80 yard touchdown against the Redskins.

Answer back they did. Cousins led his team down the field with quick strikes and on the 6th play of the drive, with 1:25 left in the game, he passed the ball to his tight end Jordan Reed who then took it down the right side line and in for his first touchdown of the season. The Redskins then tried to convert a two point try to make it a 7 point lead. However, the try was unsuccessful and their lead remained at 6 with the score 40-35.

The Giants once again, were trailing but like they had done all game long, they never panicked.  Manning’s first pass of the drive was to his tight end Rhett Ellison for a 23 yard gain, putting them right at the 50 yard line with 1 one minute left in the game. Next play, Manning found Shane Vereen open for a 12 yard gain with 53 seconds left. Two plays latter, Manning tries to get the ball to Beckham who was interfered with before the ball got to him. Corner back Kendall Fuller was called for defensive pass interference, setting up the Giants in the red zone with 44 seconds left. The Giants were only able to get 7 yards on the next three plays setting up a 4th and 3 on the 13 yard line with 30 seconds remaining. Manning and Wooton were clutch as they picked up a first down, allowing the Giants to call their second time out with 23 seconds left.  Next play, the Giants went with the exact same play that got them the 1st down, this time they flipped the play, which had Wooton cut across the field to the right where he was wide open as Manning passed the ball for his 4th touchdown of the game and Wooton’s 3rd.

The Giants now up by just one, elected to try a two point conversion to try and make it a 3 point game. Manning out of the shotgun formation, tried to force a pass to the back of the end zone, the pass was intercepted by Redskins right end Christian Wright. Wright almost became the hero of the game as he started running up the field, got passed Manning’s weak attempt of a tackle and it looked like he was going to score to give his team the lead, but luckily for the Giants, Vereen had the speed to catch Wright at the  53 yard line.

If that wasn’t dramatic enough, the Redskins still had 3 time outs with 15 seconds left. But, unlike the Giants of seasons past, they did not crumble under pressure on this day and in dramatic fashion, the Giants got their first win of the season, while the Redskins were left in shock! Especially after having put up 461 passing yards and 149 rushing yards.

Up next –

The Giants will go on the road to take on the Carolina Panthers. The Redskins will remain on the road as they head to sunny California to take on the Los Angeles Rams.

Season 11 – Week 1: Washington Redskins vs New York Giants