Check out our brand new free agents pageSALEM, OR — Today we are launching a new section, which is available under stats in our main site navigation, Free Agents are now available. This is a big deal for us as it is our own site powering this feature.  As many of you know, in the past we’ve relied on third party sites to achieve something like this, but with the hard work and collaboration from our league member “Oufan2281” we are able to provide this new page without the need of workarounds or third party tools. 

Our free agency features the ability to sort players by position, overall rating, awareness, speed,  and more. Simply click on any titles in the table. On the top left you can select how many players you want to see on the page at once 10(default), 25, 50 or 100. On the top left is a search field, you can type the full name of a player, first or last name and that player will show up. You can also search by  other things like position “QB” and all the free agent quarterbacks will appear. Lastly , on the bottom left you will see a message by default that says “Showing 1 to 10 of 608 entries” and on the right of that a navigation to cycle through all the pages.

This is one of many new things to come, our next phase is introducing league rosters and league schedules. For league rosters you will be able to click on a player and see everything from their ratings, to game logs, career stats and more. Schedules will be automatically updated, a faster and better alternative to the current manual method we use.