Salem, OR — The regular season is almost here and with so many great free agents available to start the regular season we decided to try something new. This season the league will have its first ever Free Agency draft. To participate in the draft you must have a minimum of 15 points, which you can then cash out to have your name entered into the draft lottery. Each name will be picked at random, up to 2 entries per user.

The draft lottery will be held eight days from today, on September 4th 2019.

This is a perfect opportunity for any teams that feel they need more depth or need a starter to help them be a true contender.

List of users that currently have enough points to participate

  • ssx95351*
  • SmilingDeathFace*
  • bowlsohard*
  • johncarver
  • bigratfink336
  • taproblem550
  • OrngFur23
  • Oufan2281
  • xxenderboyxx121
  • bge_shaan11
  • Pastygangster13
  • Dukefanblue
  • Maxabater
*User has 30 or more points to have their name put into the lottery twice.

If your name isn’t on the list and you have enough points let us know in the comments below.