Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register or apply to the league?

Head over to our forums and fill out an application in the applicants section.

What kind of league is this?

The 2K Online Franchise league likes to be as close to Simulation style as possible. We like a competitive CPU games along with solid USER games. We don’t play arcade style so if you like to score in the 40s or higher, this league is not for you. We understand blowouts happen, but if you do average 30 to 40 points per game, you will be automatically suspect of shenanigans and under close investigation for using custom playbooks, running money plays or using a no-huddle offense throughout the game. If you find the settings too easy, give us feed back on what you think should be adjusted.

How many times does this league advance per week?

We advance every Thursday at 10 PM PST. We understand that everyone in our league has a life outside of Madden. Some have families, multiple jobs, school, work late nights, others live in different time zone and some of us have a life. We do our best to cater to everyone in our league. This advance schedule also works out in our commissioner’s favor as it allows him to update the site and stats.

How do I schedule my game when I play another user?

To schedule a game head over to the league forums and post in the Scheduling section.

Are we allowed to use custom playbooks?

No. As cool as it may be to use custom playbooks, the league will not tolerate the use of custom playbooks. We want to level the playing field and prohibit the use of “money plays.” It has become easy to search the internet for plays that will work majority of the time and it is unfair to those who follow the rules. If there is any hint that may give off the impression that someone is using a custom playbook, the league will investigate the matter. There are rules set in place to counter this. To eliminate the suspicion of a users using a custom playbook, before each game begins, each user must show both their offensive and defensive playbooks on the ready up screen. The league does review games, so you if you try it and get away with it once or twice and we catch it at anytime during the season, you will be removed immediately with no warning.

Am I allowed to trade my draft picks?

Short answer, yes. However, you are not allowed to trade draft picks when we are in the last season of whatever Madden we are on. If it’s the last season on Madden 18, then you can’t trade draft picks.

Am I allowed to trade players on my team?

You are allowed to trade almost anyone on your team except the top four players. This is because the last thing this league wants to have is a user trade all of his/her good players then quit or switch teams and leave a scrub team with no talent. There will always be a new user who will want to use that team but will be disappointed to find a depleted roster. All trades need to be approved by the league’s trade commissioner.

Can I use no-huddle offense?

You are not allowed to use the no-huddle for an entire game.  For one, it gives the user an advantage over the CPU. Two, it creates unrealistic stats and three it didn’t work out well for Chip. However, you are allowed to use the no-huddle option during the last two (2:00) minutes of the second and fourth quarters.

How do I sign up or log onto the site?

Head over to the news section, then on the right, under search, you will see a section that says “Login or sign up” click on your preferred platform to sign up or login.

How do I type an article?

Once you sign up let us know by sending us a direct message on PSN or on the forums. We will then grant you access to post your own news articles. More info on this can be found here.

For how long will I be with the team that I decide to play with?

Two seasons minimum. This is done to maintain consistency, so choose wisely.

How does the off-season work?

Once the season is complete, the commissioner sets the off-season schedule based on what the majority of the league decides when it comes to advancing.

It is your responsibility to manage your team. That means do not rack up cap penalties because this will limit you during Free Agency (trust us, it’s no fun watching other users sign key Free Agents while you are waiting for the next advance). Prior to the start of the Free Agency stage, do your best to resign your players. DO NOT go into the Free Agency stage with roster size of 30 and spend all your money on studs. You will be left with zero money and an incomplete roster.

We normally do not care how you manage your team but we always have that user, who does these exact things that we just told you not to do, who cries about not being able to play their preseason game because their roster is not full. Then he/she wants to raid the Free Agent pool to sign 10 players when they do not have enough points and money to sign players. Then has the nerve to complain. PLEASE DO NOT BECOME THIS PERSON. We will play you the smallest violin in the world.