Atlanta, GA — The Atlanta Falcons like to make money moves. Until they don’t. This off-season the Falcons cut Matt Bryant to save some money. Clearly, they weren’t ready for the consequences of the move.

In a not so surprising move, after a preseason marred with missed field goals and extra points, the Falcons cut ties with replacement Giorgio Tavecchio and with the cut of the young kicker, there was a vacancy left in the special-teams meeting room. The Falcons quickly fill that vacancy with all-time points leader Matt Bryant. When Matt Bryant was asked about his return, he stated “they simply weren’t ready to get rid of me. And honestly, I wasn’t ready to go. I’ve got a lot left in my leg and I want to carry this team to the Super Bowl on the tip of my toe.”

Not sure if a kicker can carry a team on his toe, but the Falcons sure are happy to have one of the most clutch kickers back on their team for this year. It surely will make a difference when the Falcons meet week one with the Minnesota Vikings. Stay tuned.