Eli Manning and the Giants lose a tough game on the road.
Eli Manning and the Giants lose a tough game on the road.

>>It was over when…

Under two minutes left in the 4th quarter the Redskins got the ball back after a failed 4th and 3 attempt by the Giants on thier own 16 yard line. Robert Griffin III took the Redskins all the way down the field and threw the game winning touchdown just as time expired.

>>Game Ball:

Without a doubt, Rober Griffin III deserves this game ball. RG3 threw 3 touchdowns, had no interceptions, completed 14 of 25 passes and threw for a total of 214 yards.


The Giants had an opportunity to take a 3 point lead with under 2 minutes left in the game, but head coach Jeff Jarin decided to gamble on 4 and 5. When asked why he made that decision he said “It was a gamble, I felt that if we kicked a field goal to take a 3point lead they would have to much time to score a touchdown. We didn’t convert, I thought our defense would stop them or slow them long enough. They had 1 time out, under two minutes left, worse case I thought would be overtime.” Asked if he regrets it “No I don’t I did what I thought was the right call.”

Coach Mike Shanahan was asked what his thoughts were when the Giants decided to go for it on 4th down he said “I can see what thier head coach was thinking, I don’t know if I would of done the same thing.” With the win the Redskins extend their win streak to 3 and snapped the Giants 3 game win streak.