Philadelphia, PA — At 4-1 a lot of teams would be certainly satisfied where they are. They would have an identity to them but to coach Sesler the Philadelphia Eagles still need to improve and improve fast if they want to win this division.

Coach Sesler tells me that one thing they need to limit are turnovers. Even while 4-1, they have left a lot of points on the field with Carson Wentz having 7 interceptions already in 5 games. While he is completing 77% of his passes having 7 interceptions in 5 games is not good.

“We want to run the ball more, take more time off the clock, allow our defense rest so when it’s their turn to be on the field they can do their jobs and with no problem! We want this team to be a run-first team. Even though we have a very talented QB and knowing this is a passing league but running the ball can cause a lot of problems.”

it’s still early in the season, anything can happen and with the New York Giants being 5-1 the eagles have no room to slip up. We know what this team is capable so it will be very interesting to see what happens!