The Patriots won at home this week 28-7 against the Colts.

The New England Patriots nearly survived a win against one of their conference rivals, the Indianapolis Colts. You may assume that this game would be filled up remarkable passing yards (especially with gunslingers such as T. Brady and A. Luck) but this game was all about the defense on both teams.

The Patriots turned the ball over 3 times, 1 fumble on a punt return and 2 interceptions while the Colts turned the ball over 5 times, 1 fumble and 4 interceptions. Coach Nguyen stated that his offense did a great job on starting the game off at a fast pace but still needed to work on avoiding turnovers. He also praised Coach Jellison’s team for challenging his team to play better.

The Pats now extend their winning streak to 10-0 and will be facing their divisional rivals, the Jets as for the Colts will be facing the Bills.



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