Salem, OR — As the Dallas Cowboys progress through Week 8 of the season, it’s crucial to start considering the future of their roster. With player contracts coming up for renewal, the team must decide who to re-sign and who to potentially let go. Based on the current salary situation and player performances up to this point.

Players to Re-sign

  1. Tony Pollard (HB, Age 26, 89 OVR): Pollard has been exceptional, rushing for 995 yards and 8 touchdowns in 6 games. His explosive playmaking ability is a key asset for the Cowboys’ offense. Offering him a 3-year contract worth $15.84M would be a smart investment.
  2. Stephon Gilmore (CB, Age 32, 91 OVR): Gilmore continues to prove his worth with 5 interceptions in 6 games. His veteran presence and skill are invaluable to the Cowboys’ secondary. A one-year deal at $7.88M would be a fair offer for his contributions.
  3. Tyron Smith (LT, Age 32, 89 OVR): Smith remains a vital part of the offensive line. His protection and blocking skills are crucial, and retaining him with a one-year, $8.10M contract could bolster the team’s offensive consistency.

Players to Consider Releasing

  1. Dorance Armstrong (RE, Age 26, 74 OVR): Armstrong’s impact has been limited, and with a 74 OVR rating, the Cowboys might benefit from exploring other options. His current 2-year, $5.26M offer could be allocated more effectively.
  2. Jourdan Lewis (CB, Age 28, 77 OVR): Lewis has been decent with 3 interceptions, but considering the team’s depth in the secondary, they might look for alternatives. His $2.20M offer for a year could be spent on other needs.
  3. Dante Fowler Jr (LE, Age 29, 75 OVR): Fowler Jr.’s contribution has been underwhelming. With a 75 OVR rating, the team might find better value elsewhere. His one-year, $2.82M offer could be reconsidered.

Key Considerations

  • Salary Cap Management: With a total cap of $224.80M and $25.59M available, strategic decisions are essential for maintaining a balanced roster.
  • Performance Analysis: Players like Pollard and Gilmore have been standout performers, making them top priorities for contract renewals.
  • Team Dynamics: Focusing on strengthening key areas like the offensive line and secondary will be crucial for the Cowboys as they progress through the season and beyond.

The Dallas Cowboys are at a pivotal point in their season where contract decisions could significantly impact their future success. Prioritizing high-impact players while making judicious choices on others will be key to maintaining a competitive edge.