Salem, OR — TMZ has released audio tape of a call made by a woman who was allegedly attacked by one of two dogs that escaped Dak Prescott‘s home in Frisco, Texas. In the audio call to 911 you can hear the woman panting and trying hard to focus as the 911 operator is asking her questions. The call was made on February 25th.

One of the pit bulls, named Icon, attacked a neighbor’s dog and as Prescott’s neighbor, Beth Taylor, tried to break up the scuffle Icon turned on her and attacked.

“They’ve broken down my fence in my backyard and then they bit off my finger!” the alleged victim tells the 911 operator … “The tip of my finger!”

“I don’t know if it’s completely off,” the 50-year-old said of the fingertip that was bitten … “There’s something partially there. It’s like from mid-finger nail. It’s still there I think. It’s just one half on.”

Taylor pleads with the operator to send cops … saying the dogs were still looming in her front yard even after she shooed them away.

Taylor also tells dispatch she believes her dog was “probably” injured in the attack.

As for Taylor’s injury … a neighbor described the wound to the operator as, “Her hand seems to be not shredded, but it is bleeding.”

UPDATE: Prescott’s dog Icon will remain in custody… for now

Fox4 of Frisco is reporting that a hearing has been set to determine if Prescott’s dog, Icon, should be deemed a dangerous dog. Icon was placed in quarantine following the incident.

If it is indeed found to be dangerous, a possible punishment includes the death penalty.

The hearing is set for March 20 at 8 AM PT at a Frisco courthouse.