Kansas City, MO — It’s that time again folks, where everyone is chomping at the bit for some football action that this is news! The Kansas City Chiefs released there first unofficial depth chart, and it looks like there aren’t any surprises honestly (spoiler alert Patrick Mahomes is the starting QB). Even with listed starting running back Damien Williams missing time with an injury, the team still feels that he is the best option going forward ahead of veteran Carlos Hyde, who the team signed this past offseason will be looking to show the coaching staff that he is the best man for the job.

Even though Williams is listed as the starter, he has missed time with the injury and that might be all it takes for veteran runner Hyde to take full advantage and show the coaching staff what he can do.  The more time Williams misses the more opportunities Hyde can showcase what he can do in this dynamic and explosive offense. Coach Miller showed frustration when asked about his Williams availability. “He has missed quite a bit of practice and meetings, he’s missed a lot of plays.” Coach Miller said, however he had kinder words regarding Hyde. “It’s been great for Carlos and Pat to get some extra time together. It’s nice to have a veteran around Mahomes to guide him in the right direction.”

As far as Hyde is concerned it’s all about showing he can execute and be counted on when called upon – “Execute my plays. Whenever the coach calls my number, you know, execute that play. Make plays for the offense. Show the coaches when it comes to game time, they can definitely count on me and show Pat that he can count on me when he throws that ball.”