Feel the burn!

Michael “The Burner” Turner sure made his presence felt in his debut as a Patriot Sunday night. After feeling unwanted and then traded by the Atlanta Falcons, Turner made sure his former team knew exactly what they were messing out on. He burned the Rex Ryan’s defense with 275 yards in 26 attempts and two touchdowns!! That’s averaging in 10.6 yards per carry! He also showed off his receiving skills as he caught two passes for 15 yards and a touchdown! Who can stop this team?!

I asked Turner what his experience as a Patriot was like so far, “It’s been great! Coach Nguyen’s offensive scheme really fits me and I’m glad that I can contribute to a such a great organization. I didn’t need jungle cats or anything to get me where I am today; I just needed a team that could believe in me and I delivered tonight. Shout out to my offensive line and tight ends for doing a tremendous job of blocking! ”

Coach Nguyen also had a few words about his (35-7) victory over their divisional rivals, New York Jets. “You want a recipe for kicking someone’s ass? Well here it is; 21 first downs, 1/2 3rd down conversion, 275 offensive rushing yards, 255 offensive passing yards, only 230 offensive yards allowed and 4 take aways.

This divisional victory was very important to us and the guys deserve to enjoy it. Michael Turner did a great job adjusting to my playbook on such short notice and defense really stepped it up this week. Like I said, we’re just going to get better and better.”

The Patriots now advance to 7-0 and will be facing the Rams next week.


GAME STATS: New York Jets vs New England Patriots