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Glendale, AZ — General manager Steve Keim announced today that head coach Sean Nguyen will not return as head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. “Sean has done a great job here in Arizona. However, it’s the consecutive non-playoff appearances from him that have lead to our decision to go in a different direction. We thank coach Nguyen for his commitment to this organization and wish him the best.”  Coach Sean Nguyen had this to say about his release – “It’s a shame that we’re not in the playoffs. Behind the cameras and other media, you guys don’t know how hard my men have worked. And the way we ended the season is a shame. Don’t blame Palmer for the interceptions. It was all my fault. I called that last  play, therefore I’ll take full responsibility.”

About his recent release; “During my interview for the head coaching position, I guaranteed the Cardinals organization and the fan base that I would bring a Superbowl championship to Arizona. However, I couldn’t even make the playoffs. So when you don’t meet expectations, you’re obviously gonna have to face consequences. Trust me, you’ll see me coaching elsewhere next season.”

Despite the unfortunate news, coach Sean Nguyen is still one of the best coaches in the league. During his four seasons as a head coach, he has a regular season record of 48 wins and 16 losses. In his first two seasons he made the 2K Online Franchise Super Bowl and was the winner of the inaugural 2K Online Franchise Super Bowl against the San Francisco 49ers.