Charlotte, NC- Just moments after a tough loss we got to hear from a very frustrated coach and player calling for commissioner Perez to review the officiating crew for this afternoon’s game. “Some of the worse calls I have seen in a while honestly, I mean were they even watching the game?”  In a game that the Panthers were called for 8 penalties 4 of them coming in some of the most crucial moments in the game. One setting up an easy 2-point conversion and the other 3 came on the final drive to ice the game away for the Patriots. ” It’s just a shame that this game was effected so much by the officiating crew, we had bad penalties  all game on both sides, and of course two calls that should have been at least reviewed to make sure the call was correct on the field, Funchess clearly scored that TD and I still can’t believe they didn’t even review it, and on the Olsen fumble it certainly was close enough where it looked like he was down or he didn’t make a complete catch before fumbling the ball.

The call in question. Panthers WR Devin Funchess goes out of bounds after the ball crosses the endzone line.

I Certainly“ hope Commissioner Perez reviews the tape and sees what happened, it’s just funny how weird things seem to happen for the Patriots when they’re down ” Carolina looked sharp for the first time all year, leading all the way into the fourth quarter with an impressive ground and air attack, but after halftime it seemed to all shift. “Ya man I just don’t know what just happened today, a lot of weird calls at big times in the game, sometimes you just gotta let us play you know? I hope we don’t get the same crew EVER again.” Cam had to say. It will be interesting to see how Commissioner Perez responds to these claims and if any penalties come down on Cam or Coach Miller in wake of these comments.


The league commissioner issued the following statement


2K Online Franchise acknowledges today that the ruling on the field in the final four seconds of the first half during Monday night’s game between the Carolina Panthers and the host New England Patriots regarding a potential touchdown was incorrect.

The call on the field was that Carolina Panthers wide receiver, Devin Funchess, was out of bounds at the one yard line. Upon further evaluation Funchess jumped towards the end zone and was out of bounds after the ball crossed the endzone line. The play should have been called a touchdown for Carolina. 2K OLF regrets this error.