Founded in 2009, the 2K Online Franchise(2K OLF) league, is a virtual video game league for Madden NFL on Playstation 4.

This league website was created to bring more depth to the league by creating content that not only follows the events of the game, but combines part of the real life drama professional football players and teams experience during the course of the football season.

This site has been fully customized, complete with player stats, teams stats, full playoff coverage for every team, game recaps, news, forums, and more. On the social media side, we can be found on most major sites, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and on YouTube, where every league game is broadcast live.

Commissioner`s Welcome

My vision has always been to provide users an experience beyond the console, one where users of different skill levels can get together, play fair and share their passion for the game of football. That is why I founded this league in 2009. I developed the original site from the ground up, complete with game stats, player stats, user driven news articles, videos, live feeds of all league games and more. I hope you enjoy your time here and stick around for a long time.
Andres Perez

Officials and fouls

The seven officials on the field are each tasked with a different set of responsibilities:

  • The referee is positioned behind and to the side of the offensive backs.
  • The umpire is positioned in the defensive backfield, except in the NFL

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