Foxborough, MA — After getting pummeled by Ndamukong Suh and the Miami Dolphins back in week 6, the New England Patriots knew that they had to make adjustments for the next game. These adjustments were nowhere to be found in the first half as the Dolphins started the first half blazing hot, scoring 17 consecutive points and holding the Patriots to only a field goal.

However, after a motivational halftime speech by Tom Brady, the Patriots were able to find their groove.

Team, we have to wake up from this nightmare. We’re playing against a really well-coached division rival that we’re probably going to see in the playoffs. We have to start playing like the New England Patriots and it starts with me. I made some poor reads and horrendous throws, but I’m not going to give up. Let’s forget about what happened in the first half and sharpen up in the second.

The Patriots did exactly that by cooling the Dolphins’ offense off in the second half, and also managed to score 21 consecutive points.

Game ball

Jamie Collins was the game changer and definitely deserved the game ball. With 6:53 remaining in the 4th quarter, the Dolphins were driving the ball to take the lead at 17-17. Tannehill had his eyes set on his trusted tight end, Jordan Cameron, for a 3rd & 18 conversion until Collins soared up to intercept the pass. Although the Patriots didn’t score during the next drive, Collins provided his defense a tremendous boost of confidence.

Cameron beat me a few times early in the game. He’s an exceptional receiver so I knew that I had to bring my A-game. I’m just glad I was able to jump start the defense that eventually carried over to the offense.

  • Jamie Collins

Quotes from the Patriots’ Press Conference

Our defense gave up a season high 528 total yards (passing & rushing) last week, and we were very disappointed because we want to be known for our defense. Therefore practice this week was hectic, but very attentive to what needed to be fixed. Our defense stepped up today and only allowed 236 total offensive yards. We played against a very good team and we’re looking forward to our potential 3rd meeting in the playoffs.

  • Coach Sean Nguyen