Salem, OR — Welcome to another season of the 2K Online Franchise league! Season eight was one of our best season yet, as we got six new coaches and a new 2K OLF Super Bowl was crowned. Season nine is already off to a great start with six new coaches joining the league, see list below.

Before we get fully going into the new season, we’d like to make sure everyone is caught up with the league rules and other necessary steps to get you started.



1. Broadcasting & Twitch account

  • Do you have a twitch account? If not, contact the commissioner ASAP to get one.
  • Have you checked your Twitch and PS4 Settings?

2. League rules

  • Have you read the League Rules? If you have any questions post here in the forums and we’ll gladly answer them.
  • If you got a trade, make sure to get it approved BEFORE you submit it in the game. Max Farias is our Free Agency and Trades commissioner and all trades must be approved by him.
  • All free agency signings must be posted here in the forums. Make sure you are clear on how FA signings work to avoid any warnings or removal from the league.

3. Scheduling

  • Do you know your team’s schedule? All schedules are on the website and on your team profile page
  • Know your opponents PSN ID? if not check out the standings page. Our advice is you should send every opponent a friend invite to make it easier to know when they are online.
  • Do you know you can get automatic notification from the forums? Click here to find out how: Automatic Notifications
  • All scheduling should be done on the forums. If for some reason a game is scheduled outside of the forums, we asked that one of the two people involved post on here and let us know the game has been scheduled.

4. League website, news articles and points.

  • Are you aware of the point system we use? if not you can read about it in the league rules. League Rules
  • Have you signed up on the main website?
  • Did you know you can post your own news articles? After signing up on the main site, let us know and we will upgrade your account so you can post your own stories. Tutorial on how to post your own stories can be seen here: How to register to post your own stories.

5. Daddy Leagues

  • Daddy Leagues is a tool we use to get most of our stats and additional things like team schedules, rosters, team depth charts, and more. In order for you to view it on our side you need to install a plug for your browser.If you are using Google Chrome download  Ignore X-Frame HeadersIf you are using Firefox download – Ignore X-Frame-OptionsOnce installed, if you go to your team page you should see everything in each of the menu options, like the schedule below.
    Once you install the plug-in you should see the various options under your team page.

6. Donations

  • On the main site, at the bottom of the site, you will see a donate button. Although it is not required we greatly appreciate donations, 5 dollars minimum or if you’d like to donate more that’s fine too. Let us know via PM when you do donate. All donations go towards the *prize(s) at the end of the season. The more donations we get the more prizes we can hand out

That’s it, if you have any questions or there’s something you think we missed let us know.

*Prize(s) are eligible to change without notice. Prize(s) may not transferred to anyone else.