2K OLF Right Now
Check out what’s happening right now around the league.

2K OLF Headquarters — First of all we would like to welcome all of the new coaches coming into the league this season, we hope you find this league to be a fun, sim style, well played league that keeps you coming back again and again. We have been around since EA introduced Online Franchise back in 2010 and while we have had some people come and go, our core group of 16 has remained together since day 1.  As you can see we have a great website design and developed by the commissioner of the league, it has everything you could want, you want player stats? you got it! you want complete game stats for each and every game? you got it! or how about the ability to post your own stories in the news section? well yeah we got that too! and let’s not forget, every game, every down, every touchdown can be seen live thanks to the power of next-gen and twitch!

Remember, this league is only as good as it’s coaches, so the more you interact, the more you participate, maybe write up a story here and there, or comment on post, whatever it is, however way you choose, it will make everyone’s experience that much better.

Now that we’ve gotten some of the good stuff out of the way, we have some bad news. One of our favorite coaches in the league and the coach of the St. Louis Rams, coach Chuck Davis, will not be coming back this season. He has some personal matters to attend to, which unfortunately will cause him to be out for this season. We wish him well and hope it all gets resolved in time for Season 6.

Now onto some big news regarding the league. As we stated above, we want everyone to participate and we think you should be rewarded for doing so. So what we will be implementing starting this season is a point system that will allow you to earn extra free agency signings  or trades and the top 5 users will be entered into a drawing for a prize. In charge of this system will be 2K OLF season 1 champion, Sean Nguyen. Sean will be keeping a record of all the points you earn each week. Points will be earned in various ways and once you reach a certain amount you can “cash out” those points to sign an extra free agent or make an extra trade. More info about this will be released this week.

As for preseason, the preseason will be moving along rather quickly, week one of the preseason will begin this Thursday 8/28, week 2 will begin on Sunday 8/31, week 3 will begin on 9/3, week 4 will begin on 9/6…which means we are moving the start of Week 1 of the regular season to Monday September 8th. Well that’s going to do it for now, we’ll see you on the virtual field!


**UPDATE – Major issue with connected franchise. We tested what many are reporting – When playing a user vs user game and the game ends, the game does not count. We will look into it further and update you as soon as we have more info. If this issue is not resolved by this Thursday, our preseason and regular season start will be delayed.