2K OLF Draft: Friday 8PM PST - 11PM EST
2K OLF Draft: Friday 8PM PST – 11PM EST

As previously stated in the off-season schedule, the 2K OLF inaugural draft was subject to change depending on what time best worked for most, that time has been set. This upcoming Friday, March 1st at 8PM PST – 11PM EST the first 2K OLF Draft will begin. All who cannot make it please contact the league commissioner  by leaving a comment in the comments section below. This year apparently there is no way to set an auto-draft board, so if you can’t make it the CPU will pick what it thinks is best for your team.

Another drawback this year is that you cannot draft through the EA site, it all has to be done on the console or else, like stated above, the CPU will pick for you.  One thing we aren’t clear on at this moment, is in regard to trades during the draft. We know that during the draft the CPU or users can initiate trades, but we don’t know what will happen when a user is absent during the draft… will the CPU accept the trade if it feels it will improve your team?

The 2K OLF Draft will be re-broadcast on the 2K OLF Network the following day, Saturday March 2nd and all other scheduled dates will remain as previously scheduled. Pre-season starts Monday March 4th.

Madden 13 – Offseason Schedule

Mon Feb 11 8PM PST: Stage 1 – Player Resigning

Thursday Feb 14: Stage 2 – Free Agency Bidding

Sunday Feb 17:  Stage 3/4 – Rookie Scouting, Free Agency Bidding

Wednesday Feb 20:  Stage 5/6 – Rookie Scouting, Free Agency Bidding

Saturday Feb 23: Stage 7 – Rookie Scouting

Friday March 1st: Stage 8 – 2K OLF Draft Begins, Free Agency Recap

Sunday March 3rd: Stage 9 – View Rookie Signings

Monday March 4th: Pre-Season Week 1 Begins