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East Rutherford, NJ — The New York Giants are ready for not just the start of the season, but to put last season’s disappointments behind them. Coach Jarin spoke with the media about those disappointments during this week’s presser.

‘”It was a rough season, early injuries hurt us early on. Not only were our starters like Odell Beckham Jr hit with injuries but then their backups went down too. It just changed everything for us. Which is where I as a coach failed too. I didn’t make the necessary adjustments to give this team a better chance. It’s definitely something I learned from and this off season I worked closely with our new GM on what this team needs and how we can ensure we don’t get caught in the same situation as last season.”

One way the Giants are making sure not to repeat last season’s mistakes is by adding depth in all positions. Their first pick in this season’s draft was at the wide receiver position. With their number 1 pick the Giants selected Moses Wotton from Pittsburgh. In the 3 preseason games he has played he has already made an impact. He leads the team in receptions with 10, he is third in total yards with 116 and is first in yards after catch(YAC) with 73. If he stays healthy all season, along with Beckham, Dwayne Harris and Tavarres King the Giants might finally breakthrough with a return to the playoffs.

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  • Thanks guys. Hopefully I make it a good season this time and not finish with a record of 8-8! Yeah same here Mark, I’ll post on the forums to schedule.

  • Good luck this season to the Giants. Some of those losses last season were crazy! That one against the Redskins where they blocked what would of been the game winning field goal and returned it for a touchdown win is a perfect example! lol

  • Looking forward to our week 2 showdown!

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