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Salem, OR — The results to the poll are in and everyone but one person is in agreement, more advances till Madden 19. So, for this season and the next, Season 12, the league will move to a two times a week advance.

The league will advance every Thursday at 10PM PST and Sundays at 10PM PST. This will be the first time the league has moved to an accelerated schedule past the preseason and it marks the first time the league will have three seasons on the latest version of Madden.

The league commissioner released this statement following the results of the poll.

First of all, thank you to everyone for your continued support in this league. As you know, we are always listening to you, the players and coaches. Today we have decided to move to two advances per week for this and next season as voted on by you.

In doing so, we, the members of the board, ask for each and everyone of you to be fully active, not only by playing your games but by creating content, commenting on published post, interacting on social media, or by simply login into the site. This league is only as good as it’s members, and the content you help us create makes this league better and stronger as it provides a better user experience for all.

So, again, thank you all for your support, we look forward to continuing to provide a league that is unlike any other in the world of Madden NFL football.

With those words, we leave you now with a replay of 2K Online Franchise Super Bowl II, featuring one of the best intros the league has made and as someone once said “Leeeggoooo!!!!”

8 Responses to League moves to two advances a week

  • I just mean I wish I could edit videos for the league but I can’t do that without my pc. As of right now it’s not looking good for it.

  • You could always use the WordPress App. Download it on your phone or tablet and you can type up your story.

  • Im excited to get more games in now. Just wish I still had my computer to put together some content for the league. RIP pc.

  • This league was already great. It just got a whole lot better.

  • Bring it on Giants!! and glad the rest of you are happy too. I’m interested in seeing how regressing works past 2 seasons I’ve never played more than 2 seasons in any Madden.

  • Sound good! NFC East back to back champs here we come! haha

  • Nice!!! It will be cool now developing our drafted players and seeing who retires next off season. Great stuff man, can’t wait! And to all, let’s do our part in creating content for this league!


  • YES!!! Thanks for listening to us!! I have to say, I won’t mind at all if we do once a week when the NFL season starts and then move to 2 advances a week after that. That way we get 3 season every Madden.

    Leeegooo!! lol

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